Best LS for Women's/Human Rights in an Islamic context?

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Re: Best LS for Women's/Human Rights in an Islamic context?

Post by bigkahuna2020 » Fri Nov 19, 2010 6:03 pm

tipler4213 wrote:I have similar interests, although I think my career focus is more governmental/legal than yours. I speak French and Arabic and have lived in both regions extensively. I have applied Early Decision to NYU (strong international and public interest focus--peak for my numbers). I am also applying to do the joint degree program with the Harvard Kennedy School's Masters in Public Policy with a concentration in international relations.

Other programs of interest include UPenn joint degree with islamic studies, GW, GU, UT joint degree in Middle Eastern studies. I would also consider many of the t-14 schools that link with Harvard Kennedy School, Woodrow Wilson School, Paul H. Nitze School, and the Fletcher school if I were you.

EDIT: The basis for my advice is my boss. He is the former Secretary of Homeland Security and a Harvard law grad.
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