NY Pro Bono help

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NY Pro Bono help

Post by Anonymous User » Sat Feb 20, 2021 12:50 pm

So, here's my situation. Any guidance would be helpful.

So, I'm a 3L and recently decided to get barred in New York (had previously been planning on taking the DC bar instead, but my firm wanted me to start in New York last minute). So now I have an issue with meeting the 50-hour Pro Bono requirement. I can account for the hours, but only because I did an unpaid judicial internship the summer after my 1L year, and that apparently counts as pro bono service. Because I didn't know I was going to apply for the NY Bar at the time, I obviously didn't get any forms signed at the time. Now, I need the affidavit signed by an attorney who supervised my work. I was supervised jointly by the judge's clerks. But all the clerks I worked with at the time have all left chambers (because it was 2 years ago). Should I track down one of the clerks and get them to sign the form? Or, should I say f it, and try and log 50 additional pro bono hours between now and graduation? Any tips would be super helpful.


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Re: NY Pro Bono help

Post by nixy » Sat Feb 20, 2021 1:26 pm

If I'd been one of those clerks, I'd have no problem with you tracking me down to sign an affidavit. And clerks tend to go into jobs where they're relatively findable - they're also probably registered with some state bar so should be listed in a directory. Heck, I'd even ask the judge to sign it if you can't find the clerks (since they would have been the final arbiter of your work).

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