Passed bar exam on 5th try. Thanks everyone for the encouragement.

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Passed bar exam on 5th try. Thanks everyone for the encouragement.

Post by Anonymous User » Thu Feb 18, 2021 9:04 pm

Hey everyone,
I finally passed the UBE last after taking it five times unsuccessfully. Thanks to everyone for their encouragement! That helped.
I want to comment on what I did differently which may have popped me over the top.
I was testing in the 230s and 240s. I couldn't seem to pop 265. I was doing roughly 128ish in the multiple choice (MBE) section and 112ish in the written (6 essays in the MEE and 2 MPTs)
I knew I could do better on the MBE so I just kept doing a shit ton of multiple choice.
In the last weeks before the bar, I proly did 100 a week for a month and a half. Afterwards, I looked at what I got wrong AND what I got right.
But then I really focused on MEEs and MPTs since I knew that's where the money was.
As for the MEEs: I looked at an online list of most heavily tested areas of law on the MEEs. Smart Bar Prep has a list online. (Don't buy this. Just download a copy from their site)
Their list includes the most heavily tested areas. The list will tell you: from Feb 1995 to Feb 2020 the percentage of time a particular area of law has been tested. EX: Civ Pro 94% v Partnerships 65%. Then it will list sub areas that are heavily tested. EX: SMJ: Diversity Jurisdiction 37%. BIG ONE! (Know the shit out of this bitch!).
I studied the shit out of the most heavily tested areas. So if it wasn't tested above 8% or 9%, then I didn't even look at it. I looked at what was MOST likely going to be tested. And I didn't bother with stoopid shit like Conflict of laws. (That's not even a thing. Is It?)
Finally I made my MPTs look purdy! I worried less about if I was hitting all the facts, I really focused on complete sentences, capitalization, succinct ideas, in other words I MADE IT LOOK LIKE A DOCUMENT I WOULD TURN INTO MY LEAD ATTORNEY! I mean that thing was freakin' spotless. Yea, ok I was missing a few facts and few areas of law maybe, but it was a pretty thing. (Not like my last ones, ew gross. They looked like law school notes, DON'T SUBMIT NOTES!).
You shouldn't either.
See you in court!


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Re: Passed bar exam on 5th try. Thanks everyone for the encouragement.

Post by rhs67858 » Wed Mar 17, 2021 5:35 pm

Hey, first off congrats.

Tried 5 times too (CA). Last time was 2019 Spring and missed by less than half a point (1389.74 out of 1390 I think). No excuses but that last time I also made super stupid mistakes that were preventable.

Not making this about me. In short, I work in biz dev for a tech company. Doing fine but frustrated. I am unhappy because I feel like I have this black eye. I am also overcompensating in both my professional and personal life, and all because I have not passed yet. I swear. It's wild.

I realized this this morning. Actually, this morning is when I determined I would take it again hence coming back to check in with TLS.

Good luck with your endeavors, be ferocious in your practice, and thank you for posting this.


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Re: Passed bar exam on 5th try. Thanks everyone for the encouragement.

Post by tsam6842 » Tue Mar 23, 2021 2:35 pm

Congratulations! Very happy for you.

I will be taking it for the 3rd time myself this July, so I will view you as an inspiration.


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Re: Passed bar exam on 5th try. Thanks everyone for the encouragement.

Post by Neve » Sun May 02, 2021 11:21 am

Congrats!!!! Determination is key!

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