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Re: Florida Law Schools

Posted: Sun Feb 21, 2010 3:38 pm
by darknightbegins
stjaba wrote:
iShotFirst wrote:Does UF give out any scholarships? I've been accepted a few weeks ago with decent numbers (LSAT above 75th, GPA median), and wondering if I would get anything. Do they send out a notice with scholarships, or do you have to apply like at FSU, or what?

I have acceptances from all the Florida schools and scholarships from a few, and I'd really like to know where I stand with UF before I start to think too hard about it or visit any of the schools.

They do give out scholarships, but you may have to be patient. After I received my admission letter last year, I received another letter telling me that I was being considered for a scholarship. Sometime in May or June I got a letter telling me that I was getting $2500/semester. 2500 may not seem like much, but considering UF's low sticker price, it was definitely nice.

Shit 2500 plus dirt cheap in state tuition is sweet man.