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Post by BlueJeanBaby » Tue Nov 06, 2012 11:12 am

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Is it just me, or does GA State not seem so bad:
I don't go to GSU Law, so this is speculation, but I would wonder what proportion of the employed people are people who went part-time and stayed at their job and continued at their pre-law-school job after they graduated. I know GSU has lots of part-timers. That might be inflating the numbers a little.

But in general GSU seems like a good deal if you want to end up in ATL and you can get in-state tuition. I would much rather pay sticker at GSU than pay sticker at Emory for ATL even though Emory probably gives you a little more leeway with grades.
Ya, maybe. ATL is the main market I want to break into because most of my family works there. I'm having them do a little investigating for me to see if GS students are getting job offers. Unfortunately I am at or below medians for UGA and Emory, and even if I did get one of them it would be for a very pretty penny (out of state). I'm thinking I'm going to try for one of GA State's tuition waivers. Also, I didn't know this but apparently Emory is VERY transfer friendly. They took 15 students from John Marshall Atlanta this year!

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