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SDNY Bankruptcy Judges

Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 3:46 pm
by Anonymous User
Is there anyone in this forum who has recently clerked for a SDNY BK judge? (Ideally Drain) -- my NY school allows for judicial externships and I'm interested in bankruptcy. They say that we should reach out directly to BK judge chambers to get this set up, would love to hear thoughts on who's good to reach out to, who would be likely to do it, etc.

If it helps for placement purposes: Columbia/NYU top 10% no LR. I will have taken BK in this fall semester and am looking for a judge to work with in the spring semester. Accepted an offer at a NY Band 1/Band 2 creditor shop (not WLRK). No prior accounting knowledge or litigation experience, but I did do a judicial externship before law school that was basically a 1L summer externship with a flyover federal district judge.