Prof said I don't deserve my clerkship, what to do?

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Re: Prof said I don't deserve my clerkship, what to do?

Post by Anonymous User » Fri Apr 29, 2016 4:41 pm

Anonymous User wrote:
fats provolone wrote:lol at pretending this could be Y or S
OP here: It could be either S or Y, too. I will neither confirm nor deny this.

Thanks, all, for the tips. This process is absolutely miserable -- to make other students' lives easier, I wish I could out the prof and the school, but I'm not going to do that. At least not right now.
I know you said you won't do that but, seriously, don't do that. It would be a huge mistake. I doubt the professor intended it as an attack on you. When I got my clerkship, one of my recommenders said, "this is a very good outcome for you," with a lot of emphasis on "very." He meant simply that I had somewhat outperformed my credentials (school rank + class rank). In the relationship world this would be considered a compliment--who doesn't want to marry up?

Before using the professor again, you should feel free to tell the professor that you are applying for another clerkship and then ask him if he feels able and willing to write you a strong letter or should you ask someone else.

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