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Post by mrsillychris » Thu Aug 13, 2015 4:11 pm

Stevoman wrote:Other 3Ls/grads who still post here: easiest possible GW (or EW to satisfy GW)? Current offerings: ... pring-2015

I've been told International/Foreign Legal Research is good, but I really don't care about good/fun at this point. :D Islamic Law only meets for a few weeks, is that easy?
Islamic law is pretty intensive for the 6 weeks you meet. It's neat that he's an Egyptian Supreme Court Justice, but he assigns a good amount of reading and you have to write a paper pretty much every week summarizing that reading. He also expects you to be prepared for class and will call on people. I wouldn't say it's hard, and it's certainly nice to be done after 6 weeks, but do know before signing up that he doesn't give out many As. Jurisprudence (Martinez) and whatever writing classes Kofele-Kale teaches are generally considered the easiest, meaning that the work load is relatively light AND that you can get a good grade if you put in some effort. Jurisprudence is also pretty interesting/theoretical and you can write about a really wide range of topics. Entertainment (Fogelman) law doesn't require a ton of work, but I know a lot of people who generally did well in law school and did not get A/A-/B+ in there.


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Re: SMU Class of 2015

Post by Stevoman » Tue Aug 18, 2015 4:53 pm

That's good info for rising 2L/3Ls to know. I graduated 3 months ago though, so not helping me much now. :P

For the record, I ended up taking International and Foreign Legal Research with Kimbrough. It was an easy class, he's a super cool guy, and I made a B+ with almost no effort. However, it's a notoriously easy class, he grades it on a curve, and my class was full of a lot of gunners. His curve is really generous (lowest grades were B+), but you'll have to put in more work than I did if you want that A.

I can also recommend Jurisprudence with Martinez. Besides the fact that he's awesome, the class material is really interesting and the paper is easy. 30 pages, no presentation or peer reviewing, deadline is the last day of finals.

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