Gift for someone in law school

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Re: Gift for someone in law school

Post by mac.empress » Mon Mar 08, 2010 4:27 am

mikeytwoshoes wrote:--ImageRemoved--

Both the shirt and what it says.
And I'm disgusting?
mikeytwoshoes wrote:
mac.empress wrote:
Mitsunobu wrote:
mntypnk wrote:While I'm waiting for my decision letters, I'm looking to get a gift for my sister who's already in law school for the holidays. What do you suggest getting her as a nice present so that law school will be made a bit easier for her?
Vibratex's Rabbit Pearl.
+1. Seriously.
That's disgusting.

1) have respect, Crystalhawkeye is still a mod..

2) doesn't look like a rabbit

3) ewwwwww... a dildo... gross..... Do girls really do this? Yuck.

4) I admit, I did laugh at first.
I'm a girl. And it DOES make school more manageable for me. HMMV though.


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Re: Gift for someone in law school

Post by Connelly » Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:13 am

I thought we had determined this on another thread...get her a laptop screen shield.

And I also learned on this thread that it's okay to make sex dolls based on people who aren't governors, as they don't deserve the same respect. :D

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