1L's: Preparing a New Strategy for Second Semester Success

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1L's: Preparing a New Strategy for Second Semester Success

Post by tlsadmin3 » Tue Dec 22, 2020 3:43 pm

As law students prepare to return for the Spring semester after the Holidays, fall grades continue to be released and 1L's will soon have a better idea of where they stand in their class. The first semester's finals can be extremely (and intentionally) difficult due to the lack of guidance and understanding of the rigorous exam process.

Starting the second semester of 1L can provide a reset as it relates to note-taking, outlining, and studying methods. What you anticipated would work based on undergraduate experience may not have panned out successfully on your first round of law school exams, which provides an opportunity to learn how to improve as a law student going forward. Are you a 1L looking to plan for a successful second semester? Did you have to change your study habits, or were you successful in your first set of exams as a 1L? Share your thoughts here.

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