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Re: View/Input Transfer Stats

Post by drmguy » Wed Apr 09, 2014 5:17 pm

CounselorNebby wrote:The organization of the chart is very difficult to navigate. I recommend removing all the data for people that didn't get accepted into a top-20 school, since the overwhelming majority of people in here are looking for stats on transferring to a top-20 school.

Also, I would organize this into two different charts: (1) Those that transferred from T14 schools to SLS, HLS, and YLS; and (2) those from non-T14 schools that transferred to top 20 schools (including SLS, HLS, and YLS--it happens). You could also add a third chart that showed people that transferred between T14 schools. For those that are looking to stay at a competitively ranked school but move to a different market. Such as someone transferring from Stanford to HLS or YLS, or someone from Georgetown transferring to NYU/CLS.

Basically, so that people at certain schools can more easily find what their current situation is, and what people with similar stats transferred to what schools.
That would either a very elaborate rerouting script, multiple forms, since a single form can't populate multiple spreadsheets, or require me to manage the output spreadsheet by copy pasting every new entry into one of the multiple spreadsheets you suggested.

The way it's set up allows me to simply sort by GPA, which is the most maintenance I'm willing to do. Actually, I just set it up so that it will automatically update. I changed my mind. I'm not willing to do any maintenance.

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