Is it bad to apply to extern w/ judges in the same ct house?

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Is it bad to apply to extern w/ judges in the same ct house?

Post by Anonymous User » Thu Dec 03, 2009 4:29 pm

I go to a T-14 and am applying for summer jobs back home. I am from a small to medium sized town in another state and there's only one fed courthouse within 4 hours of me. Would it be bad to apply to all of the handful of the judges that work in the same courthouse? (There's only 5-6.) Or should I just apply to one? (I have to interview during winter break when I am back home.) We don't even have a law school in the city so I'm not sure how many applicants they will get. Will they talk? Is it better to just apply to one?

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Re: Is it bad to apply to extern w/ judges in the same ct house?

Post by ChattelCat » Thu Dec 03, 2009 4:36 pm

I worked in a federal courthouse in a small-ish town last summer and I interviewed with two of the judges (so YES, send your stuff to all of them, unless there is one in particular who strikes your fancy for some reason) but then all the clerks got together to decide who was going to hire which intern so there were no awkward overlaps or double offers. Granted, the courthouse is in the same town as my school so they probably get more resumes than most small courthouses but in a small town I would imagine the clerks would talk regardless. (they also told me they would be doing this at the interviews)

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