University of Oregon or University of Washington? HELP!

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Re: University of Oregon or University of Washington? HELP!

Post by najumobi » Tue Jan 05, 2010 4:17 am

newcritic wrote:I am completely over the barrell on this decision. Cost of attendance is not a factor in the decision. I will have to practice in the state of Oregon after law school because of family commitments. At the moment, I am interested in immigration law or working as a prosecutor or public defender, but that could change. I am incredibly excited about the clincal offerings at UW, but I also got a great vibe from U of O when I visited. My in-laws live in Eugene and U of O has great extras (university housing, childcare options, etc.). UofO places well in Oregon (obviously), but UW is ranked higher and I would assume could open more doors for clerkships and summer work. I wonder, though, if wanting to go to UW is just for pride (I didn't expect to get in).

Any input/observations would be greatly appreciated.
the job prospects out of UW seems to be better than that out of Oregon. according to usnews, 92.7% of UW grads were employed by the time of graduation while it was only 58% for Oregon grads. also 89% of UW grads eventually became took a position which required bar admission while for Oregon it was 79%. i think the graduation time employment rate is most telling though.

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