Warning about multiple deposits

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Re: Warning about multiple deposits

Post by 2008hopeful » Wed Feb 06, 2008 12:39 am

There is no WAY schools make you put a deposit down for being on the wait list. As other posters have commented, 1. you don't have a "seat" to put a seat deposit on, and 2. are you supposed to not accept any acceptance offers so you can **PRAY** you get off that mile long wait list? Give me a break. Any of you who think that's the case are idiots... but please, withdraw from those schools you got accepted to... maybe I'll get your spot! :D No one in their right mind would trade an acceptance (possibly with money) for a "maybe we'll let you in, guess you have to pay a deposit and wait and see."

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Re: Warning about multiple deposits

Post by lawbutterfly11 » Wed Feb 06, 2008 1:53 am

I think that it is unfair.. since there are schools that are still making RDs long after seat deposits must be turned in.. I mean the deadline to APPLY to Brooklyn is later than most seat deposits..
I know personally that Ive been accepted to a school that i would not be opposed to attending, but im still waiting for two cheaper, higher ranked state schools to make up thier mind, one of which said that they would NOT have a definite descision before April (W&M).. If i deposit on April 10th at my In school, and then get accepted to W&M, then why should i be punished for changing my mind? its one of the things that happens.. why have a WL if youre gonna penalize students for it? Maybe im missing something.. is the penalty for students who get both acceptances before the deadline, like say, you get into Penn and Harvard in January, but youre WL for Yale.. and you make both deposits for Penn and Harvard? Is the rule that you can only be deposited at once school? That makes sense, except for when finances become an issue.. even beyond fin aid.. I know that a big part of my ultimate descision is going to be if I can afford an apartment, or if i can get enough loan money to pay for an apartment, and how much that apartment is going to be.. I wont know that till May/June..

Ugh.. this makes things so much harder! especially for students still trying to choose between locations or between location vs. rank...

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