should I declare a former law suit against my school in PS?

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Re: should I declare a former law suit against my school in PS?

Post by wert3813 » Mon Nov 05, 2012 3:12 am

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Re: should I declare a former law suit against my school in PS?

Post by Ineedapillow » Mon Nov 05, 2012 3:35 pm

I think this is a great idea, I will discuss with my attorney and application consultant again about this, I think this story is much more interesting than "I am a poor Chinese girl from a poor Chinese family, none of my family can read, I came to America to study engineering thanks god they give me full scholarship. Now I want to be a lawyer because they make more money" :lol:
Actually I should write like this : After I be treated unfairly in school by an asshole professor, I took legal weapon and the American school stood by me even I am a foreigner. This story told me how fair the American system is, everyone can have a word even you are a poor foreign student. Comparing to my own country, where is no human rights no legal system even no youtube, this is heaven. So I decided to be come a lawyer, study American law, one day I hope I can spread this great American spirit to China to the world.
wert3813 wrote:
izha wrote:
Ineedapillow wrote:I talked to my lawyer again, and he said I should not put this in my personal statement, he wasn't worried about the agreement too much, he just said no school wants a student sued other school before.
I guess the case settled here, thanks for all your advice and kind help.
You should put it in your PS statement only for "reach" schools. Then it works as low risk (you would probably miss on those schools anyway) high reward (someone might get really interested in your story) try.
This was my thought before I read his post. See if you can outperform you numbers somewhere. I wouldn't present it as facts like you did above. I would present it as here was a time I was taken advantage of and the law helped me. (maybe you don't even have to mention that you sued. Just that he was terminated thanks to the help of a great lawyer who saved you. Now you want to be just like him). Reach schools only.

One thing about PS don't be afraid to write a whole PS and then throw it away if it doesn't work. Part of the process.

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