The most painful score: 169. Retake or let it ride?

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Re: The most painful score: 169. Retake or let it ride?

Post by dingbat » Sun Nov 11, 2012 8:45 pm

crumpetsandtea wrote:
dingbat wrote:
francesfarmer wrote:
gauchobetch wrote:I am having the same dilemma.. 168 on the actual test but on practice tests i was scoring mid to high 170s without fail. retaking seems miserable but i just want the best chances.. ugh. is it be possible to send in applications now with current score and then send something in come january with the new score?
Do you have any reason not to sit out a cycle? As some other people on this thread have said, taking time off is not only good because you can apply early next cycle--it also gives you more time to work/be an adult/party/etc.

You can definitely tell them to hold your application until your LSAT score comes out.
screw sitting out a cycle. Take the February test
You post the worst advice, seriously. The February test for this cycle? Really?
Yes. If the scores come back high enough, they'll be counted. Hell, last cycle there are people who used a June retake and got the results they wanted. Remember, if OP doesn't get the cycle s/he wants, OP doesn't need to attend and can then retake again in June or October.

There are reasons for sitting out a cycle. Doesn't mean it should be the default option

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