Disclosing accusation of "terroristic threat" in 5th grade?

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Re: Disclosing accusation of "terroristic threat" in 5th grade?

Post by Bronte » Fri Nov 11, 2011 11:13 pm

tilapiahollandaise wrote:
MrAnon wrote:One of the three most traumatic events of your life, but you can't recall it
I recall the event very clearly. What I don't recall were the things like what they were suing me over, which I wouldn't remember at 11 since lawyers to me were word sorcerers. According to my mom, it was over a terroristic threat.

However, I realize this answer doesn't help me much so I went through the paperwork to get as much detail as I can.

"Terroristic threat" was what I was expelled over. I was assigned to several days of alternative school, but my parents didn't want me to do this. Because of that, I was summoned to court. I've looked over the summons, and the most I can get is "delinquent conduct" and "threatening to kill said complainant". The terroristic threat I was accused of making was brought by the parents of two girls. I'm not sure if the parents themselves or the school brought the suit, but all of the paperwork is from the school which leads me to believe they brought it forward.

I also have a note from our attorney which says that the case had been "non-suited" and "dismissed". He also noted that it unless I did some action that "brought [me] to the attention of [tilapiahollandaise's] County Juvenile Authorities", I would "never hear about this again."

I'm aware that top-law-schools.com is not the best source to ask about this. My reasons for asking this here are:

1. My prelaw adviser's advice is, by default, "disclose everything", and "if you have doubts, disclose it". I have no reason to believe he would say anything differently if I asked him this. And honestly, I have no idea what I'd disclose this as. I'll ask him though, just to make sure.

2. I don't have the money to pay an attorney several hundred dollars to research this for me unfortunately.

Now that I think about it, though, there is an attorney I know who usually gives blunt answers to things like this, so I'll try asking him as well.
It sounds like you may have been charged with a crime by the state. You failed to go to school, which resulted in a delinquency charge. The state then piled a criminal threat charge on top of that. "Complainant" is a term usually used to describe a citizen that was allegedly victimized in a criminal case brought by the state. Your attorney's note also sounds like what an attorney would write after a dismissed juvenile criminal complaint. I think you should disclose unless you get the advice of an attorney to the contrary.

I feel your pain in terms of this being a pain in the ass. It's wrong for schools to ask about nonconvictions. It was a very long time ago so it's not going to be a big deal. However, I think everyone who has the money to take out the loans for law school has the few hundred bucks to make sure they don't accidentally falsify their law school applications. I would borrow the money. Barring that, I would disclose. It can just be a paragraph explaining the incident as you've explained it here using plain language. Be contrite.

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