Anything Wrong with this?

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Re: Anything Wrong with this?

Post by Tigress » Wed Jun 05, 2013 5:56 am

Lincoln wrote:
Tigress wrote:Why is it not a good school for human rights? It is a member of the Feminism and Legal Theory Project, has an LGBT clinic and the Avon Center. I think it is fantastic for human rights. Am I missing something?
I feel like I keep repeating myself:
Lincoln wrote:Cornell isn't the best school for getting into human rights work. Although they've improved their public interest clinical offerings, there are schools with more options, and schools more focused on public interest. Moreover, the vast majority of Cornell graduates obtain employment with large, commercial law firms. Also, (since you brought up the Avon Center) although some students work for the Avon Center during the 1L summer, the Center, as far as I know, isn't exactly putting any students on a path to human rights work.
I understand. Hmm, what is it known for?

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