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FYI Regarding Conditional Scholarships

Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2020 12:30 am
by gekko
Just a quick FYI that I saw being discussed on Reddit that could be useful here. Cal Western is not only requiring conditional scholarships for many apps but not reporting on ABA 509 by calling them a "renewal." (They apparently only had 10 conditional last year, which seems odd coming from over 100 the year before.) They also are requiring that anyone who transfers pay back (!) the scholarship afterward. Touro is doing something similar with the renewal language according to another thread. Just go to reddit and type in Cal Western and you'll get both threads a few down. One more reason not to go here or anywhere else offering conditional awards for that matter, but at least it's good to know the ABA numbers are not necessarily accurate either unless it specifically says they don't offer conditionals so none to report.