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Does a few years count as "it's been awhile?"

Post by waytofailself » Wed Nov 09, 2011 1:47 pm

There is Life After Law School

That this thread was still on the first page shows that not a lot of people are going to be reading this. No problem. After being a bit on my high horse at the last time I posted, let me just say that a lot of things have happened. And yes, they range from the truly glorious to the utterly disastrous. But after being rather cynical about the three years I spent at WFU for awhile after the bar exam, I've come around. I'm happy with where I am and I'm happy with the choices I've made to get here.

And maybe, most importantly, I'm optimistic about the future as well.

So what's been going on? In non chronological order:

1) I graduated from Wake Forest around the middle of my class. I have no qualms; I was able to dig myself out of a mighty hole. I passed the Bar Exam, albeit only after having to wait months extra to hear back because (insert long story here) of a minor exam day #2 snafu and I refused to pay the $250 fee for an expedited hearing (and I ended up not needing a hearing anyway). I still have not found permanent legal employment, but considering the stack of resumes I accidentally saw that I beat out to get my 25-30 hour/week legal employment, I'll take it.

2) I'm also working seasonal retail on top of the law job. Hooray I can pay the bills. The thought of doing that will make a number of visitors on this site cringe, but I'm thankful for the income.

3) I got a comment published in the Wake Forest Journal of Business and Intellectual Property despite not being on the editorial staff. They had only just opened the door for student submissions, and mine was accepted by the board of editors unanimously. It is titled "Who's Afraid of the Big, Friendly Nonprofit?" and you can find it at 11 Wake Forest J. Bus. & Intell. Prop. L. 295. Or download it for free at this link: ... 11.295.pdf

4) If you read the first footnote of that article, you will also see that I had a child while in law school. His name is Osmund "Oz" Wyatt Kidd-Ward, and he is a brave, strong boy who lived for 10 hours before succumbing to a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia and other complications that could not be found in utero. He was born full term on July 21, 2010. He was diagnosed March 1, 2010 and I had to juggle law classes and approximately 2-5 appointments per week. I am glad to say that I was by my wife and son's side for every single one, even if the stress of everything resulted in my highest grade for that semester being an 80. We did everything we could for him, that's all that matters.

5) I've had a massive falling out with my family. Unfortunately, a lot of it has to do with #4. It's the kind of thing you would hope would bring people together, and for a day it did. But banding together for a day is easy, it's the nightmare of the days, weeks, and months that follow that is terrible. I look back on these posts talking about my mom's connections etc. That was then, that's not happening now. At least I can say that I did the whole law thing on my own, made it on my own, and financed it all on my own.

6) When I say that of course, that doesn't mean I flew solo. I got married on Jan 1, 2011 (hooray for an easy date to remember!). She has been ultra supportive through everything, and honestly we've needed to lean on each other more than ever before -- and we loved more than we knew how. I wouldn't have made it without her. In fact, we're expecting another child due sometime in mid November (yes, that means any day now). And contrary to what I heard from Career Services, a lot of attorneys and staff I have met through work or just around town are very family oriented. They strive to keep a balance instead of gunning for partner etc. Then again, that's the culture of WS-NC instead of NYC (which I knew a few people who went there post law school and are looking to get out). Because I was older than most of the students at WFU (even if not by much, just barely enough), many of them had no frame of reference when it came to talking about their own children. And while I know a number of them who are having children now that law school is over, it's good to see that the legal community around here doesn't ostricize attorneys with children.

7) I was not the most "social" guy at WFU Law. I didn't really go out places. I didn't make it to really any of the structured school wide activities. But I've still met a lot of great people who have been great support through everything. I'm glad and grateful. And while I did sulk a little bit and withdraw after above said bar fiasco and subsequent months of unemployment, they've still been supportive etc.

8) It took until my 3rd year for someone to make fun of me to my face for wearing jorts. LOL. Don't know why that's relevant, and it was just friendly banter. But still -- I guess it comes from growing up in NASCAR country but I had no idea that there was a stigma regarding jorts until I went to law school. They're jeans. They're shorts. They're warm. They're comfortable. What more could you ask for?


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