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Re: Save Your Money: Top Ranked Schools Aren't Worth It

Posted: Sat Jul 09, 2011 12:29 pm
by HarveyBirdman
acdisagod wrote: Not to mention, it is hard to put a price on happiness and you are much mroe likely to get a job you desire coming out of Harvard than you are coming out of brooklyn.
But with everyone's emphasis on money money money, do you really think that is true for most people? I mean, I don't know what area of law I see myself in, but I have this terrible fear of pushing it to the max, getting that omfg $160k starting biglaw job...and hating it. And being stuck. Becoming a workaholic. Missing everything. Hating myself.

But the same is true for the other end of the spectrum...going to a lesser ranked school to save money. Taking a modest job and living a comfortable, but modest life. And hating it. Wanting more. Kicking myself for not pushing harder.

I think a lot of this stress comes from the rankings and the enormous cost of attending these fucking schools. The debt is so intimidating to us, that the goal of actually enjoying our career and getting a job in law that we want, or at least going after one, is put on the back burner to pay the never ending bills.

If we were to have a time machine, fuck going back to 2007. I'd go back to colonial times, work my ass off in school and apprentice under any attorney in Boston or Philadelphia or New York that would take me. Then I would develop my reputation and steer my career towards my desires and try to network in an age without blackberries and facebook. Periodically, I'd jump forward to the 1920s to dance the charleston.

Re: Save Your Money: Top Ranked Schools Aren't Worth It

Posted: Sat Jul 09, 2011 1:06 pm
by TheFactor
Posting in Ken-response thread. Boom.