Tulane Vs. Cardozo

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Re: Tulane Vs. Cardozo

Post by dingbat » Sat Nov 10, 2012 3:39 pm

Aberzombie1892 wrote:If you want NYC and only NYC, Cardozo. For other situations, Tulane. While Tulane isn't what it once was, it's important to note that notably less than 50% of the class ended up in Louisiana in the worst legal market since WW2. If you have ties to somewhere and are willing to return there, Tulane will do okay for mid law. But, if you are trying to enter a new market, you will need to at least be from the region (if not the state) or have great grades.

That being said, is Tulane a big law feeder? No, but neither is Cardozo. In fact, the notion of big law from either is laughable. I'm not sure about Cardozo, but
Tulane's placement suffers a little due to the fact that the CDO has a close relationship with local smaller firms. As a result of that, the CDO will push some "prestigious" local firms over larger regional firms. It's great and all, but it hurts national numbers. For example, if the top 20% focused only on NYC, they would do quite well. But the CDO pushes local firms like Stone Pigman or Chaffe McCall over NYC firms, and it makes Tulane look a little worse than it is. But this isn't the point.

The point is, if you want NYC and only NYC, Cardozo. If you are looking where you have ties or at least in that region, Tulane. Of course, all of this assumes that you are attending for a reasonable price. Considering you haven't applied to either, I imagine Tulane will give you a better scholarship offer as 80%+ of the class receives a scholarship of some kind. Feel free to private message me if you have any specific questions about Tulane.
Tulane is unlikely to give a scholarship to someone whose LSAT is at their 25%.
I also must contend your statement that if the top 20% focused on NYC they would do quite well - mostly for being vague. There are other threads where recruiters / hiring committee members answer questions and it appears that, if the firm doesn't recruit at Tulane, students will have to do better than that. Each firm will have their own cut-off for schools they've never heard of, but for market paying firms, the cut-off ranges from top 5% to top 10%; I've seen midlaw firms (paying approximately $100k) state that their cut-off is top 25%.


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Re: Tulane Vs. Cardozo

Post by sadsituationJD » Sat Nov 10, 2012 3:43 pm

'Bozo used to be a big feeder for temp shitlaw doc review gigs. Lots of NYC doc review projects were little more than 'Bozo class reunions. This school is now (and basically always has been) garbage. Once you get below Fordham the other NYC TTT's like 'Bozo, Pace, NYLS, CUNY, Brooklyn) are all fungible.

Also if you're hanging out at like a downtown NYC bar and tell chicks you're at 'Bozo they're not gonna hook up with you. They want doods from "real" law schools like NYU or Columbia.

A funny story is that one time me and some of my TTT shitlaw loser friends were up at Mad River on 85th Street for happy hour. In our gang was like 2 'Bozo grads and assorted other losers from Pace, NYLS etc. We of course all worked shitlaw and got paid squat (45 K or so back in like 2006).

This dood comes in and starts bullshitting with us. He just started a job as a headhunter for a law firm. He got all excited when he heard we were lawyers. He asks where we worked and of course never heard of our shitlaw firms. THen he asks "where'd you guys go to school" and my one friend says 'Bozo. I start cracking up rotfl and told recruiter guy "it's allright man, you couldn't get us jobs cleaning the shithouse at a real law firm" and then he starts laughing too and says "yup" and my friend from 'Bozo got all pissed. The recruiter got drunk and started saying "wow, why would anyone go to 'Bozo, what a joke."

So you have to get ready to be treated pretty much like a complete loser if you pick 'Bozo. No one takes that place seriously.

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Re: Tulane Vs. Cardozo

Post by Eberry » Mon Nov 12, 2012 3:36 pm

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