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Re: Northwestern AJD program

Post by fruitoftheloom » Sun Feb 10, 2013 10:35 pm

tag wrote:Found out Friday I was admitted to the AJD program. I'm also still looking at Vandy and waiting to hear back from some other schools (the remaining ones are mostly stretches, so I think the choice will be b/w NW and Vandy). The AJD was my original first choice, so I'm both elated and very nervous, but perhaps it's just cold feet. The quick turnaround in which the decision has to be made is adding to this, especially in light of the delayed acceptance (website stated Feb. 1 would have decisions out). I'd love to hear thoughts on why you are choosing or not choosing the NW AJD. I'm trying to get in touch with hiring managers or alum who can share their perspectives as well.

No funding was listed in my admit letter, is it safe to assume then they won't be adding anything to sweeten the deal?

Any advice or fellow AJD admits would be so appreciated...
I am a fellow AJD admit.

Some food for thought: ... index.html

This link includes information for how to apply for grants/scholarships. I do not believe that anyones acceptance letter includes scholarship/grant information. You have to complete FAFSA and Need Access and then you will receive a scholarship/grant offer if they decide you send you some money. The deadline for this is 2/15/13 so I recommend getting on it now.

I won't make a decision until I have some more finances information, but here are some things I will take into account:

1) Do you like the school, Chicago, and the general "feel" of campus? I LOVED it. There is an Admitted Students Weekend on 2/21 and 2/22 if you haven't been there you should go. They're reimbursing up to $150 for flights (I think).

2) Finances. I have a debt limit in mind that I'm not willing to exceed. I am hoping to have scholarship information from several other schools (Vandy, WUSTL, U TX and maybe even NYU or Columbia) before I have to commit. I plan on emailing the schools I am considering attending the last week of February, explaining that I have to make a decision by 3/15, and asking if they can expedite the scholarship/financial aid process if I haven't heard anything. Something I plan to keep in mind financially is that at Northwestern, I would only have 2 years without work. Additionally, hopefully I would have a SA for the summer so I know that I would have no debt from COL. If I had to stretch savings for 3 years, I'm not positive I can manage this.

3) Where do you want to work after? Although NU is a national school, I would be cautious about planning to return to a super flooded market (California comes to mind).

I still haven't 100% made a decision. I love Northwestern, and the AJD program is probably my favorite. I will certainly have a long conversation with my family, my SO, and I'll probably make a thread in the "Choosing a Law School" forum before I commit.

Good luck & I hope some of this helps!!


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Re: Northwestern AJD program

Post by nwajd2013 » Mon Feb 11, 2013 10:11 pm

Congrats to those who have been admitted to the AJD program! I'm a current AJD graduating this year. I have loved my experience as an AJD. If you have any questions feel free to post them here or pm me. I hope to see many of you at the Open House next week!

- Anna

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