2.76 / 172 - 10 Years WE - Application Strategy Check

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2.76 / 172 - 10 Years WE - Application Strategy Check

Postby TheGreatestGunner » Wed Jun 12, 2019 6:42 pm

Hello everyone,

So, given my stats I am unsure whether I would get offers that would come with money from a t14 school and thought it might be worth it to take the ED boost instead. My goals are BigLaw/Clerk -> AUSA.

I am currently considering an application strategy that looks like this:

Apply UVA ED
Apply Mich RD
Apply NW RD

Receive response from UVA ED, if admitted by end of October, if not admitted:

Apply Penn ED
Apply USC RD
Apply UCI RD
Apply Vandy RD
Apply BU RD

The basic aim is to apply as early as possible to the T14 reaches, but save Penn for a second Early Decision boost if I did not get into UVA. However, my actual first choice is Penn, but they do not release their Early Decisions until December. By then, I am worried that the boost from UVA will not be as strong. Does this sound like a good strategy? Should I reverse the order (Penn first ED, UVA second ED)? Are there other schools I should add to the first batch or shift up?

Is this realistic/what are my chances?

Appreciate your thoughts.


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Re: 2.76 / 172 - 10 Years WE - Application Strategy Check

Postby icansortofmath » Wed Jun 19, 2019 8:35 pm

It's fine. Honestly every T20 is a "reach" of sorts. It's gonna be a matter of luck which school needs LSAT when they come across your application. You should try CCN too. Long shots but worth an app. You just need 1 of them to buy your story that 10 years WE show a lot of maturity (or some other story) in your PS... and happen to need a LSAT boost. Like NYU's median was 170 last year with 75% being 172. They may need your LSAT.

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