Applying to law school with a stem degree

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Applying to law school with a stem degree

Postby drlawyer123 » Sat Apr 13, 2019 7:06 am

These are my stats ;
GPA 3.1
major : biochemistry and cell biology
school UC San Diego

After dropping out of high school in 10th grade due to family issues, I enrolled myself into community college when I was 18 and later transferred to UCSD and earned my bachelors in Biochemistry and cell biology. I did so while working multiple jobs and conducting molecular research on the human immune system. After completing my course requirements in 2017 I still had to work odd jobs to pay off an outstanding balance on my student account ( I refused to take loans). I managed to pay off the balance this year, roughly two years after graduating, since most of my money goes to paying for my familie's living expenses. My low gap is due to missing classes and sometimes quizzes due to work and family issues. My parents were and are highly incompetent. I basically raised my self and my siblings. I would often times have to leave school and my studies to take the kids to their dentist appointments, doctors, PTA meetings etc. I am now currently homeless applying for law school. I took a practice Lstat exam and scored 160 with out studying so I am sure that I can earn 170+ after studying.

My question is, how likely is it that I get into a law school with a 3.1 gap and a 170+ score? what are my chances of getting a full ride?

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