3.4 GPA - will it hold me back?

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3.4 GPA - will it hold me back?

Postby isorom19 » Mon Mar 25, 2019 10:34 am

Hi everyone. I have a 3.4 GPA with a 171 LSAT and interested in applying to law school next cycle (c/o 2023). By that time I'd have put together a decent year of work experience, and I know I'll be able to get great LORs from employer/undergrad professors. As of now, my top choice is Penn, but also looking at Duke, Georgetown, UVA, and Northwestern within the T14 as well as some T20 schools.

I was wondering what my chances would be at each of those schools. I am planning to ED to Penn (where I also went for undergrad), and will hope for the best there, but I was hoping to get some insight as to what my chances are at those other schools. Money would be a plus, but is not a make or break issue right now. Also hoping to get some answers about strategy for applying. Thanks!


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Re: 3.4 GPA - will it hold me back?

Postby QContinuum » Mon Mar 25, 2019 12:12 pm

Looks like you have decent chances of getting into at least one T13 (NYU and down, excluding Berkeley and Cornell which tend to be snobbish about GPA), probably with minimal aid, and excellent chances of getting into a T20 with $$$.

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