seeking advice about scholarships from a school in TX

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seeking advice about scholarships from a school in TX

Postby aniston958 » Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:55 am

hi all,

while i aim aiming to get into a few t14 schools, my ideal backup plan is to attend univ of houston on at least a 60k scholarship. while I've scrolled LSN data and previous threads, i would appreciate if there was anyone on here who could directly speak on this issue. If so, what might be my chances of obtaining this kind of scholarship with a 3.6-3.65 GPA, and 163+ LSAT(haven't taken the test yet..just trying t guess my chances)?

or if you know anyone directly who might know this, that's cool too.


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Re: seeking advice about scholarships from a school in TX

Postby trmckenz » Thu Mar 14, 2019 7:49 pm

Hello, fellow Texan.

I don't think anyone will chime in with additional information. LSN and previous TLS threads provide the same data to you as they do to others. You could call the UH admissions office and ask them for specific information. But frankly the only way to know what you will receive is for you to go through the admissions cycle. Before that, it's all speculation. And every application is different, even with the same numbers (though some schools do rely very heavily on LSAT and GPA).

Why are you limiting yourself to a 60k scholarship? Answer = you shouldn't. If you perform well enough on the LSAT, you could receive more than that from better schools than UH.

Please study hard on the LSAT. That is the way forward. Once you have a real score, you and others will be able to evaluate your options better (and whether you should retake). Good luck.

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