Chances at SMU?

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Chances at SMU?

Postby mfg28 » Wed Jul 04, 2018 10:46 pm

I'm a non-traditional applicant in Dallas (I just turned 35). The only school I'm interested in attending is SMU. I double majored in college years ago but a bad first semester and last semester left me with a 3.11 GPA. I think that's going to be adjusted to a 2.95 or 2.98 by LSAC. I'm scheduled for the September 2018 LSAT and if my PT range is any indication, I'll end up with a 161 - 165. I've studied the LSAT for about a year on a fairly regular basis. I should add for the record that about 11 years ago I got a DUI and I've got some dings on my credit report from a bad business decision (I ran a small real estate company for 4 years).

I'm trying to determine if I've got a shot at SMU or if my GPA and the DUI kill my chances. I think I might be able to push that low 160's LSAT to the mid to higher 160's with more work on the LSAT. Should I punt the early admissions play and push to the next LSAT? Is there any advantage to early admissions? Is there an 'auto-admit' LSAT score that guarantees me admissions into SMU?

Appreciate any thoughts, advice or feedback.


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Re: Chances at SMU?

Postby Itwasascam » Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:01 pm

Focus on getting a high score for now. Come back when you have one

164 should probably do it


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Re: Chances at SMU?

Postby DFWFellow » Sat Sep 01, 2018 6:52 pm

I know someone who got in with a 170 LSAT and 2.8 GPA. It ultimately depends on the other applicants. If most people applying have a lsat under 161 and a high gpa, a person with your stats should balance well with the other applicants. However, if most people applying are in your shoes, they will seek those with a high gpa and lower lsat. SMU is very picky with both GPA and LSAT. They want most of the class to be above a 3.6 gpa and 161 LSAT.

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