Chances at SMU?

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Chances at SMU?

Postby mfg28 » Wed Jul 04, 2018 7:15 pm

I’m a non-traditional applicant. SMU is basically the only school I want to go to. I double majored at a third tier state school and ended up with a 3.11. Course load was challenging and I’ll submit an addendum for the last semester as it killed my GPA. I expect GPA to be lowered to around a 3.0 with the LSAC gpa reconciliation. I’m taking the LSAT in September. I’m scoring all over the place but I’m guessing it will be between 162-165. It looks like SMU’s Median LSAT has come down a lot but GPA is up. LSN suggests that most applicants above the median LSAT get in but LSAC’s website puts my odds at 30-50%. Do I have a pretty decent shot at SMU or does my GPA rule me out? What is the minimum LSAT that would put me comfortably into SMU? Thanks.

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