3.89 GPA, 165 LSAT, good softs, Columbia chances?

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3.89 GPA, 165 LSAT, good softs, Columbia chances?

Postby lawstudent201920 » Sat Jun 30, 2018 8:01 pm

-3.89 GPA (Magna Cum Laude at a top 15 undergrad) / 165 LSAT
-double major (STEM fields), and double minors (in humanity fields)
-rising GPA trend
-Excellent letters of recommendations
-Excellent work experience (1 year of consulting at a top firm, part-time actress/model)
-Planning on applying very early in cycle (Sep/October)
-Not underrepresented minority

What are my chances at Columbia (dream school), UPenn, Northwestern, Harvard, Stanford?

I am planning to retake the LSAT, but I don't know how much it could improve by (I'm just not good at the LSAT--studied ). If I ED at Columbia, would that significantly increase my chances? I know that my LSAT is pretty low, but I'm hoping that my GPA and "softs" can slightly make up for it.

Thanks in advance for any inputs!

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Re: 3.89 GPA, 165 LSAT, good softs, Columbia chances?

Postby GFox345 » Tue Jul 03, 2018 5:06 pm

Your softs will not make up for your LSAT score. As things stand, you will certainly be dinged by Harvard and Stanford and almost certainly dinged by Penn and Columbia. You have maybe a coin flip's chance at Northwestern. Also, if you do manage to get into any of these places, you will almost certainly be paying full sticker price which is a terrible decision in my opinion. Retake for a 168+. It will literally change your life.

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