Chances for an applicant who doesn't have a GPA?

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Chances for an applicant who doesn't have a GPA?

Postby testfromaway » Mon May 21, 2018 2:46 am


I could use a bit of direction. My undergrad didn't offer grades. At all. Everything was pass/fail, and while I worked really hard (which will be showcased in my LORs), I don't have any numbers to show for it.

I'm currently PTing around 169-170 (with a -6 in LG, which I'm fool-proofing starting now). In a hypothetical world in which I get 173 on the LSAT this summer (I know, gross. Hypotheticals. But I'm consistently scoring well on LR and RC, and I've got four weeks to learn how to do LG better...), how am I looking for T14? How am I looking for $$$$ at those schools?

For softs: I am a Fulbright ETA and have a handful of contributing lines in one of the biggest newspapers in the world (where I worked for a few months before my grant year). I know softs don't usually count for much, but given that my application is otherwise pretty threadbare, will these give me a push to make a 173ish get me somewhere I want to be?

For the record, HYS are the dream, but also very into NYU and Columbia.

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