2.9, 172. Any hope?

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2.9, 172. Any hope?

Postby Nerv0us » Wed Apr 18, 2018 7:55 am

Hi guys!

Getting ready to apply this upcoming cycle. I didn't do to well in my undergraduate studies unfortunately and that has me quite nervous about applying. As such, I would really appreciate any input you guys may have.

2.9 GPA, with some extenuating circumstances that I think I will address in an addendum or in the personal statement.
172 LSAT
Not URM (Asian)
2 years work experience, expecting a very good recomendation from employer.

I had a very generous scholarship with undergraduate studies so I do not really have student debt right now. As such, I am more willing to consider paying higher prices for law school.

Do I have any shot at the t-20? Or are there any schools that you guys would recommend checking out as a potential fit?

Thank you so much in advance for your input.


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Re: 2.9, 172. Any hope?

Postby shireLaw » Wed Apr 18, 2018 12:40 pm

If you want top 20 (and you should) Northwestern or WUSTL should be your focus.

Northwestern is the most splitter friendly T14 and they place high value on work experience. WUSTL is the most splitter friendly school of them all and might even throw money your way (they have a ton of scholarship money for some reason).

If your softs and application are decent I expect you could have a decent shot and Northwestern--and I would be surprised if WUSTL doesn't take you.


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Re: 2.9, 172. Any hope?

Postby Lawlawlawlawl » Wed Apr 18, 2018 1:07 pm

I have these exact same stats. This year I applied to a bunch of schools ranked 6-30. I applied to schools both before and after I got my 172 in February. (Old score 168) This might have hurt me because some schools did not wait for my new score to make a decision.

I am currently waitlisted at 6 schools including 3 in the top 13. However, I have not yet been accepted anywhere. I am also waiting to hear back from 3 more schools.

I am getting nervous about my cycle, but I am cautiously optimistic because the schools I am waitlisted at largely don’t start evaluating the lists until May. I am hopeful that at least one school comes through for me.

If you have better softs than me (likely) I would expect a good cycle next year

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