Splitter: 3.19 GPA, LSAT 172, Active duty military service

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Splitter: 3.19 GPA, LSAT 172, Active duty military service

Postby psj9004 » Mon Apr 02, 2018 3:31 am

Hello guys, It's my first time posting on the TLS. I am always appreciating the abundance of knowledge and inputs.
So here are my stats: 3.19 GPA (LSAC), 172 LSAT, 4 years of Active duty Military service (U.S. Army)
I know I am a splitter, and I know HYS would be out of my reach, but do I have any chance at CCNs and the rest of the T14?
I am using the GI Bill+Yellow Ribbon, so the money is not my concern at all. my preferred schools are NYU and Columbia due to location. Is ED a viable option for me?

thank you for your time.

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Re: Splitter: 3.19 GPA, LSAT 172, Active duty military service

Postby Cobretti » Mon Apr 02, 2018 5:09 pm

ED is very viable if you're 100% GI Bill/YRP. I graduated a couple years ago so my info could be out of date, but I think UPenn has a non-trivial boost and is also fairly splitter friendly, so that could be a good target for you (I think NYU has an ED program but it isn't much of a boost and they are less splitter friendly). Your GPA might be a little low for the T6 but you definitely have enough of a shot that you should apply to CLS and NYU if that's your target. Either way, you will do very well at the lower T-14 with your numbers, and if you ultimately want to wind up in NY biglaw you should be fine at any of those schools.

YMMV but in my experience as a veteran splitter I didn't really hit on any of my reach schools that weren't known to be splitter friendly, but landed at lower T-14 just fine. So don't get your hopes up that you'll outperform your numbers because of your service, but don't sweat it either.

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