High Feb LSAT - Not prepared. What now? 172 & 3.5/4.0

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High Feb LSAT - Not prepared. What now? 172 & 3.5/4.0

Postby LamentingIcarus » Wed Mar 07, 2018 5:47 pm

Canadian applicant. Applied late in the cycle to native schools. Was PTing in January in the mid to high 170s.

I was content on going to a Canadian school, since LSAT scores for the good ones are much lower (and that is where my PTs started). Getting my Feb score finalized is a nice surprise. Would it be worth it to apply to any of the T14 in this cycle? Would waiting out a cycle and taking the test again be worth it? Should I sign up for LSACs recommendation service?

My cGPA is 3.5/4.0 with some dropped courses. Have excellent extra-curriculars, research and letters of rec.

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