Female, URM, 3.62 GPA, 156 Dec LSAT, Waiting for Feb LSAT

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Female, URM, 3.62 GPA, 156 Dec LSAT, Waiting for Feb LSAT

Postby d1721 » Tue Feb 20, 2018 10:13 pm

I'm a hispanic female, immigrant parents, raised by a single mother, graduated from hs at 16 and started college at the same age. Graduated with a 3.62 with honors (double major policial science and philosophy, minor in legal studies), and honors thesis. Took a gap year to work at a firm.

I took the LSAT in Dec and got a 156. I was scoring in the high 160s but got freaked out the night before. Hoping I scored higher this time around, but not sure. After my dec score I received unsolicited waivers from UPenn, Michigan, UVA, Vanderbilt, BU, Boston College, William & Mary. Applying to all of those, but also applying to Notre Dame, GW, Fordham, and my dream school, Georgetown.

Do you guys think I have decent chance of getting into any of those??? Honestly, super worried with it being this late in the cycle, but I feel like I have good softs. Any advice? I'm worried about not getting into a good majority of those schools, and I'd prefer to not take another gap year and take the LSAT again :cry:


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Re: Female, URM, 3.62 GPA, 156 Dec LSAT, Waiting for Feb LSAT

Postby Keilz » Wed Feb 21, 2018 12:28 am

My advice would be to take the gap year and apply when you have an LSAT in the 160s. It'll ultimately depend on your goals and where you want to end up, but you can increase your scholarship options and choice of school dramatically by just a few points. try to focus on strategies to remain calm before the test.

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