First time posting: 3.7 GPA 167 LSAT

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First time posting: 3.7 GPA 167 LSAT

Postby howtogetawaywithlsat » Fri Dec 22, 2017 4:29 pm

Hey everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read my post; its my first time posting after being a lurker for so long. I just got my LSAT score for the December test, and I am pretty disappointed. I was hoping to get at least a 170 or higher. This was my third time taking the test; the first two times I cancelled my score. I already signed up to retake in February-is that even a good idea? Doesn't taking it 4 times look really bad?

My softs include 3 really strong academic LOR's, student government at a top 20 college (a public university), LGBTQ, extensive extracurriculars, and job at Google in the Silicon Valley.

Hope that helps. I am on here to ask about my chances at the following schools:
1. Columbia
2. NYU
3. Georgetown
4. Upenn
6. UC Berkeley

Thanks for any and all insight! This process is aldkfjsofiuweakdfjwier


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Re: First time posting: 3.7 GPA 167 LSAT

Postby Rigo » Sat Dec 23, 2017 1:01 am

Probably good for Cornell and Georgetown. Maybe Berkeley, but they're a bit of a black box.
I'd say out for the rest.
Money isn't going to be stellar. Retake (doesn't matter if fourth time) and/or stay at Google.

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