Feeling ghosted by most top law schools

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Feeling ghosted by most top law schools

Postby NeneLeakesss_409 » Sat Dec 02, 2017 12:10 pm

Hello everyone!
I submitted all of my applications in early September and I still haven't really heard back from any of my top choices. I just found out I was dinged at Georgetown (wasn't a top choice, but still a bummer!) and I have stress that the rest of my cycle may go poorly. I have a 164/3.7 and a strong PS, resume and letters of rec. I planned on retaking the LSAT in September, but Hurricane Harvey really messed up my ability to study (I live in Houston).
I haven't heard back from Vandy or Texas Law yet and they are both my top choices (I applied ED to Texas and went there for undergrad). I thought my interview with Vandy went well but I haven't heard anything and I went complete 9/18! Anyone have any positive experiences despite a long wait? Please let me know!!

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