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Re: 2.7 gpa, 169 lsat, URM, ivy undergrad, 3-5 yrs since graduating, average softs. Chances?

Postby UVA2B » Mon Nov 06, 2017 11:15 pm

In asking for your chances, you listed zero schools. We need help to help you.

As generic T14+strong CA regionals advice: you're likely out at the big CA schools (and please reconsider the JD/MBA, bc It rarely if ever makes actual sense), and you have a decent shot at a few T14 as a URM splitter.

It's probably fair you want to end up in CA long-term, so what you want to do in CA matters. Are you wanting a big private firm? Something public interest/public service?

Depending on specific URM, your LSAT isn't hurting you and an increase might not help you. And an ED is only wise if the financials of paying for law school literally don't matter (family wealth, ED comes with a near full tuition scholarship like NU, GI Bill, etc.).

This is a common problem around here, but in case it applies: law schools are not the end goal. The particular career is the end goal. If you want to be a private lawyer at a big firm, you should focus on that. If you want to handle immigration law near the CA border, that's a very different career path.

Give us more, and we can help you.

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