3.69 UGPA / 158, 163 LSAT / RETAKE 3rd time??

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3.69 UGPA / 158, 163 LSAT / RETAKE 3rd time??

Postby mellow24 » Wed Oct 25, 2017 5:41 pm


So I've been a reader of this site for quite some time, and I've just gotten to a point where I'm in a frustrating situation and desperate for any help/advice. I took the Feb 2016 LSAT and got a 158 which was a major bummer for me, so I decided to retake. I studied pretty hardcore like 20 hrs/week from June-August and took the September 2017 LSAT but only ended up with a 163. The Reading Comp really did me in and honestly was primarily the reason for my score (I'd been testing closer to 166-169). Now I'm trying to decide whether or not to take the exam for a 3rd time... I'm willing to do whatever to get into the best possible law school that I can and some $ as well, but I also want to be smart and reasonable about my current situation. I'm working full time now so I realistically cannot study 20 hrs a week, though I think at this point I'd be really just taking full exams over and over. I haven't taken the exam or studied since September but is it worth trying for even if only a 2 point difference is the outcome? Do law schools look unfavorably at a score decline with the latest test or is really just high score preference?

Ideally I would like to be at a t14 school and I think I could have a better chance with a better LSAT, considering that my UGPA is a 3.69 and I have a unique major (architecture) from a top 15 undergrad university. But I also don't want to be ridiculous about my prospects either. Ultimately, I just want to be successful and get a solid job at big firm after law school--is this really only something that can be done with a degree from a t14 school?

Also considering applying now with the rest of my application materials and potentially taking Feb test or even June to move around on wait lists or use as bargaining tools for money. This could very well just not be a good idea but my main hesitation with the Dec. test is that I am truly only able to take exams and seriously study on my weekends (when I'll also be dealing with application shit). This process is rough, any and all advice are greatly appreciated.

PS: Feel free to direct message, like seriously will take any help at this point

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Re: 3.69 UGPA / 158, 163 LSAT / RETAKE 3rd time??

Postby goldenflash19 » Wed Oct 25, 2017 6:23 pm

Generally, if you need to ask whether you should retake, you need to retake.

I had similar scores on my first two takes and ended up taking four times before hitting my target score. I went through three app cycles, and it was night and day with the higher score. Schools only care about the highest score.

I used noodleyone’s guide on my fourth take and would highly recommend it. Good luck!

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