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Not sure where your numbers will get you? Dying to know where you stand? Come have your palms read by your fellow posters!

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Postby Marvelord » Thu Jun 29, 2017 12:26 am


I received helpful responses, however, the info I provided makes it too easy for adcoms to ID.
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Re: NA/AI w/ Tribal Affiliation, LGBT, MA Degree

Postby Hennessy » Thu Jun 29, 2017 11:39 am

My first advice to you is retake the LSAT. A 166 or 167 will completely change your application. Think of it as the difference between a medium chance at any t13 vs. huge scholarships at NYU, Duke, and Berkeley.

There are a very, very minute amount of data points for applications like yours. Here is an extremely rough approximation of how to may do, based on numbers/URM status alone (3.5-3.65, 162-164, URM only).

[+] Spoiler

I imagine you'll overperform your numbers. Your work experience, your diversity, and your obviously intellectual writing ability and attention to detail are gonna take you far in your admissions cycle.

1. I would definitely find a way to explain the WFs. However, re: details I would edit down.

Including the first scenario (I am sorry you had to deal with this, it sound awful.) would definitely help explain your depression and subsequent grade lapses.

Although you were obviously not at fault and were the victim of the second scenario, I'd caution against including overly specific about being framed by a closeted conservative student govt. president and becoming a "a pariah on campus." I imagine this was an extremely difficult time of your life. But don't open that door up for adcomms to start questioning A. your ability to deal with adversity or B. the truth in your story. Adcomms are not all believers of victims. I would also advise against any outright knocks on religion, i.e. babble.

2. I think your approach to the intersectionality of your identities is the exact target you should aim for, and you are correcting in believing that adcomms will not approach URM applicants with an intersectional lens unless this is demonstrated by the applicant. Certainly checking both the LGBTQ box and racial minority box on your application form would be advantageous, but a good personal or diversity statement about the intersection of the two would probably be invaluable.

3. Why would you disclose that Michigan is your top choice to any school besides Michigan?

4. See above re: rough estimates. You can be confident that you will get into at least a couple t13 schools, some with $. Obviously blanket the t14. Do not ED UMich.

Take the September LSAT.


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Re: NA/AI w/ Tribal Affiliation, LGBT, MA Degree

Postby SamuelJ.H » Thu Jun 29, 2017 12:18 pm

I'm in strong agreement with HennessyVSOP.

- RETAKE the LSAT. NA 3.63 LSAC GPA & 168+ and you're looking at $$$ at CCN and at least one of HYS (full-ride NYU?).

Re 1. Addendum for WF's.
2. Diversity statement is a perfect place to discuss intersectionality of identities (and how they have impacted your outlook and pursuit of law school). Narrative needs to be coherent (I don't imagine this being an issue for you).

3. Don't disclose this information to other schools. I suggest writing a 'Why X' law school essay for Michigan in particular but this may off-set any incentive to throw $$$ your way. I would negotiate scholly money after getting accepted to a higher ranked school...

4. At least a few as stands...but with 2 extra LSAT points, a handful more...5 more point...I see only one school, maybe two saying no or waitlisting you.


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Re: NA/AI w/ Tribal Affiliation, LGBT, MA Degree

Postby Marvelord » Thu Jun 29, 2017 2:44 pm

Thanks for the advice!

1. Yes, I think it would benefit me to focus on the most impactful and verifiable aspects as to why there are two WF's on my record. I was actually thinking that going into the details about the student government president could be damaging if the adcom does not believe me. The only way they could believe me is if I provided extensive detail; however, this would overshadow my actual accomplishments.

2. Great! I was not certain if I should attempt an intersectional approach, but I feel more confident doing so based on your guys' feedback!

3. Thanks for letting me know that I am able to negotiate funding AFTER admittance. I was under the impression that funding offers were usually fixed once notified of admittance. I will definitely NOT disclose waiver information.

4. I am registered for the LSAT in the Fall. My goal is to score in the high 160's. Though, it sounds like I may still do well with a mid 160 (164-166) if I fall a bit short.

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