University of Washington is my Unicorn

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University of Washington is my Unicorn

Postby DorkothyParker » Wed Jun 14, 2017 2:42 pm

I am a non-traditional student (poor UG, but strong grad school) to boot applying for the 2017/2018 cycle. I don't have my LSAT score but consistently tested above the 75th% in PT and can retake in September if a wreck.

I have great softs (worked internationally, volunteer as a mediator at local courthouse, volunteer helping foster kids), but I know I will need the extra oomph to even get a second glance. I also don't want to repeat my resume. I hope this is okay, but would anyone who was accepted to UW be willing to share their essay with me?

Insight is well appreciated. I know it's super competitive, but so am I. Thanks!

UG: 2.9 This isn't for any reason so not sure about how to address it other than it's been nearly a decade.
Likely LSAT: 168 (if consistent with PT, but never lower than 165 since I started studying. I can retake but feel like those last few points are always out of reach.)

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Re: University of Washington is my Unicorn

Postby mcmand » Wed Jun 14, 2017 3:45 pm

2017 UW Law grad. PM me and I can share my personal statements if you want.

With that said, I also sat on the admissions committee last year as a student member, and I don't think there's some perfect formula of a personal statement that will get you admission when you're a super splitter, at least at UW. It just has to be well-written, genuine, and answer the question of "Why UW?". Ideally, it should be interesting to read. But don't overthink it.

Try hard to get that LSAT up higher if you can.

Is there a particular explanation for why your GPA is a 2.9? Is it going to be part of your personal statement or an addendum? I think offering an explanation of why it's so low is necessary. GPA used to be a bigger deal at UW than it is now, but that flexibility still has its limits. You'll need to explain why you struggled and why coming to UW Law won't be a repeat of that. If your GPA from grad school is strong, that will help, and some letters of rec from grad school profs describing your capabilities might help, too.

I don't think there's really any UW specific advice other than making sure you tailor your materials to UW and demonstrating that your interests match up with what UW offers. It's the same advice you'd get for any other school, really. GPA low? Knock every other criterion out of the ballpark.

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Re: University of Washington is my Unicorn

Postby DorkothyParker » Wed Jun 14, 2017 4:13 pm

Thank you for your insight.

I have a lot of reasons why UW, I just need to work on articulating them. It seems the preferred method involves a narrative so just need to find a way to tie the narrative (personal growth stuff) with my aspirations in law in a not overly idealistic fashion.

I'm waiting for my June LSAT score. If it falls in my usual range, it sounds like I would be wise to retake in September. I will wait until I get my score in a few weeks.

My GPA is not low for any reason. My best semester was my first, then I ran off and got married and started living off campus. (I was 20) I ended up taking two non-consecutive semesters off over the course of school, worked full time while schooling full time, etc etc. I am the first in my family to finish college (others have since followed) and from a "free school lunch" poor background so just didn't really know how to college or what importance grades would have.
But honestly, I know such things are less of a factor now as I have gone through a graduate program while working full time at a more challenging job and taking care of my kiddo. (I also now run marathons and volunteer! But I can't Pinterest to save my life.) I just needed to grow up. I think an addendum is a better idea than using the essay.

I just have to know it's a possibility. From what I've seen of their acceptance, they don't pull anything super low, but having great LSAT and UDGPA doesn't appear to be an automatic acceptance, either. I know that I am a great fit for the school, I just need them to see it too.

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Re: University of Washington is my Unicorn

Postby TakeItToTrial » Wed Jun 14, 2017 5:57 pm

I'll be attending in the fall. I was rejected last cycle but reapplied this year and was accepted. Here's my perspective:

Focus on your LSAT score. You will need a 164 or above to be competitive. If you want to make your application as strong as possible, emphasize how you will contribute to the student body. UW is very focused on what you bring to the table. Knowing the law school recently created an organization called the Cannabis Law and Policy Project (CLPP), I decided to work as a compliance intern for a cannabis company over the summer. I wrote my personal statement about this experience and how it will allow me to contribute to the CLPP and the discussion surrounding this new and emerging field of law in a distinct and meaningful way.

Go to the website and check out the lists of clinics, programs, and student organizations. While prepping for the LSAT, involve yourself with a business or organization that relates to something already going on at UW, then emphasize how you will contribute if admitted. UW also leans liberal and is very public service-oriented. It can't hurt to align your resume and/or personal statement in the same way. I would also emphasize that UW is your top choice.

Feel free to PM me. Best of luck.

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Re: University of Washington is my Unicorn

Postby PDX4343 » Thu Jun 15, 2017 5:21 pm

I'll be attending UW on a decently sized scholarship this year and I had a fairly low GPA as well, around 3.1. I did get a 173 on the LSAT, though, so really try and get your score as high as possible to make up for the low GPA. Your strong grad school grades should give you a minor bump as well since those show that you can excel in an academic environment.

Feel free to PM me if you want a copy of my PS, but I wouldn't be overly concerned with expanding on something in your resume if you do it the right way. Generally speaking, I used my PS to talk about a lifelong passion that led to a dream job that has ultimately led me to law school. You can use your professional experiences to talk about why you want to be at law school and to display what characteristics will make you a successful student.

Good luck!

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