URM Male- chances/where should I apply?

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URM Male- chances/where should I apply?

Postby jdude32 » Sun May 28, 2017 2:19 pm

This is my first time posting on here, so thanks everyone in advance for the responses.

I'm a URM male (Hispanic). I finished my undergrad in 2015 and I finished with a 3.52 GPA. I've taken the LSAT once in February and scored a 165.

I don't have any super strong softs. I finished undergrad in 2.5 years, have a couple years work experience (about 3 when I start law school), and am currently working as a paralegal at a big law firm. I am also a first generation student.

I am from California and went to school in Northern California. I live in the Bay Area and would ultimately like to enter biglaw in California (SF specifically). My ideal situation would be admission to Berkeley Law. However, I am unsure of where else I should apply if I am aiming for California biglaw. I have the ties to California and the Bay Area, so I'm not worried on that front. But I am not sure if it'd be better to blanket the T14 in hopes of getting into a lower tier T14 and then returning to California, or if it'd be better to aim for UCLA or USC and take my chances there. I supposed I'd like to know my chances at Berkeley and/or any other application strategies given I'd like to enter biglaw in California. Thanks!


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