168/3.7ish, foreign military service, interested in IHRL

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168/3.7ish, foreign military service, interested in IHRL

Postby 219cvl » Thu Jan 26, 2017 5:01 am

Good Afternoon -

I hope my situation qualifies for a new post, so here goes: I've got a 168 on the December LSATs and have a high 2:1 from a top 4 UK university (missed a First by .2 points). Post-university I've done full-time Reserve military service (not in the US Army) and I'm hoping now to study international humanitarian law. Currently trying to work out what are the best options to move forward with from here.

Does anyone have experience with how a 2:1 translates across to GPA in real terms? Does the fact that it was A) nearly a First or B) from a decent university effect my chances at all?

Also, I'm not applying until 2018; is the resit for the LSAT unequivocally worth it?

Thanks very much for your advice!

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