3.87, 162, Canadian schools

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3.87, 162, Canadian schools

Postby pumpkinspicelatte » Sat Oct 22, 2016 4:21 pm

Hi, the following are my stats:

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Honors BSc
cGPA: 3.87 / 89%
Best 3 years: 3.94 / 90% (full course load each year)
Last 2 years: 3.95 / 90%
LSAT: 162, 85 percentile (Sept 2016, only write)

Softs: Nothing super-impressive, but plentiful
3 full-time jobs over the last 4.5 years (2 as a legal assistant to a lawyer over 3 summers, 1 as an office assistant at a real estate company), summer research biochem student, 2 part-time jobs (dance lessons, a variety of peer tutoring in 2 diff languages) and a handful of other volunteer activities/ECs (a few clubs related to my major, special events organizing, fundraising, volunteer at my local hospice)

How are my chances for Osgoode, Western, Queens, Ottawa and U of T?
I am rewriting the LSAT in February, aiming for above 165 this time around.
Osgoode is my #1 choice and the school I'm most anxious about. Are my stats competitive or will my LSAT hold me back?

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