168, Superior, 4 years WE

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168, Superior, 4 years WE

Postby Dobby123 » Wed Sep 28, 2016 12:18 pm

LSAT 160, then 168.
Foreign GPA 3.6x, rated as "Superior" by LSAC.
4 year's work experience in law.

According to mylsn.com, I have a decent shot at GCNM with my current stats, however, mylsn.com doesn't take into account that my GPA is foreign and thus it is rating me as if my 3.6x was accredited by LSAC. Only my LSAT is valid for the school's statistical purposes.

Do I actually have a shot at a T14? Any chance of money?

I'm thinking of EDíng NW because I like the school, and Chicago, and I need the money. Any chance here?

My goal is biglaw/in-house, and I'm not a US citizen, so I need an as-portable-as-possible law degree in case I have trouble getting a job or need to work abroad.

Any comments/tips? All help is appreciated. :)

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