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Postby stego » Mon Jun 19, 2017 1:07 am

Glad you are happy and doing well in law school OP

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Postby UVA2B » Mon Jun 19, 2017 7:13 am

Dan0504 wrote:
UVA2B wrote:
Dan0504 wrote:
UVA2B wrote:
stego wrote:
Dan0504 wrote:edit

Why did you necro this two year old thread today, OP?
How are you doing? Are you in law school or still hoping to go?

From the looks of it, currently a rising 2L at Miami doing unpaid internship at NASA. Space law ftw.

Exactly why I should be more careful about what I put on the internet.

I agree, but you literally started a thread opening yourself to questions as an unpaid intern at NASA. What did you think you were providing that was unique to the average federal unpaid internship? Should I tell my roommate to start a "I'm in the DOJ Civil division, AMA!" followed by virtually zero understanding of what the agency does and why he can't provide insight into becoming an attorney working for the DOJ? I understand you protecting your image (poorly, since there was pretty excessive quoting in your choosing thread, but I won't challenge that), but you created an entire thread based on having literally a month of being an intern as an unpaid internship. If you don't realize you're valueless and not able to answer questions, no one can help you.

dude I was only referencing my C&F post from 2 years ago...

[FYI] I used to come to forums like this and spend hours reading about what certain legal jobs were like, and ask silly questions about being a lawyer. Is that not the whole point of this forum anyways? My only intention was to share what little I know with others who have similar questions or may also aspire to be a lawyer one day. Life is about learning from your mistakes, and helping others grow. Chastising random people on the internet serves no one. I am not remotely embarrassed about posting my internship, and I'm proud of what I have accomplished in my life. The only thing I actually regret is thinking that a law school would care about a minor mistake I made 10 years ago and posting about it... :roll:

I'm really sorry OP, I was feeling really salty yesterday and unnecessarily unloaded on you. Good luck with everything.

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Re: Edit

Postby Dan0504 » Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:28 am

No worries, I probably didn't need to hop on the soap box either.

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