Not sure where your numbers will get you? Dying to know where you stand? Come have your palms read by your fellow posters!

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Postby meesterkat » Mon Jan 26, 2015 4:44 am

Hi, longtime lurker. The anxiety is too real so here goes.
LSAT: 170, LSDAC GPA: 3.64. top 30 private university in the states. (average LSAT at my school is 159 if that matters)
Non-URM but international. solid personal statement, 4 internships throughout college in the states and in asia (including internships at gvt agencies + law firm), unique-ish volunteer work, 3 strong recs (2 from professors, 1 from employer)
Graduated in december. GPA upward trend.

What are my chances at Penn, UVA, Duke, Northwestern, Cornell and Georgetown? I'm mostly aiming at Cornell and Georgetown. UVA is definitely a stretch but my employer who is recommending me is a UVA alum, and they do ask for affiliations so I thought it was worth a shot. Penn was a crapshoot.

I submitted my apps mid-Jan (i know, SUPER late) so plus the not so strong numbers I'm anxious I'll get waitlisted or rejected everywhere. :cry:

Thank you!

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Re: Chances?

Postby leslieknope » Mon Jan 26, 2015 5:21 am

Penn's a stretch but you have a decent shot at the others. Godspeed.

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