3.42 & 165

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3.42 & 165

Postby caligirl8 » Fri Jan 24, 2014 9:08 pm

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Re: 3.42 & 165

Postby BigZuck » Fri Jan 24, 2014 9:29 pm

caligirl8 wrote:Asian Female from Southern California. I want to eventually take the bar and work here in California, hence a lot of California schools on my list. I'm playing the "waiting game" right now and want to know what you all think. These are the schools I've already applied to... Should I add any others to the list?

- Pepperdine
- UC Hastings
- UC Davis
- University of Washington
- Tulane
- American University
- George Washington University

If you want to be employed as a lawyer in Southern CA, UCLA and USC are really the only defensible choices on that list unless you have a guaranteed job waiting for you after graduation.

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Re: 3.42 & 165

Postby phillywc » Sat Jan 25, 2014 12:44 am

You really need to shoot for UCLA/USC here, and you are below both medians. The good news is you are super close to the LSAT medians! A retake with just 2-3 more points puts you in great shape for not just admission but money. I'd probably also through an app at Berk after your retake.

I'm very confident you can get just 2-3 more questions right and go to a killer school :)

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