161 3.62 URM

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161 3.62 URM

Postby funke743 » Sat Jan 04, 2014 6:11 pm

161 LSAT, 3.62 GPA. I'm URM, black female and LGBT identified. Pretty good softs, interned at various non profits, served on my schools multicultural student board, tutored and mentored at a Chicago underserved middle school, was president of an LGBT activist organization and currently work for the Chicago Board of Education.

applying to:
George Washington
UC Berkeley

I'm wondering what my chances are as my numbers currently stand? I'm planning to retake for October 2014 and apply next cycle if this cycle doesn't turn out well. Thanks in advance everyone!

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Re: 161 3.62 URM

Postby okaygo » Sun Jan 05, 2014 3:06 pm

We have almost identical stats (AA woman as well) applying this cycle, and I'm in at the lower T14. I haven't had any rejections or wait lists yet so I'm still waiting on T10s.

Also, don't apply to American, it's not even worth the 25 if you have a free waiver. They have awful job prospects and you'll probably get into GW and GULC.

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