LSAT 164/GPA_ above average, need advice lol

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LSAT 164/GPA_ above average, need advice lol

Postby hannahstyle » Fri Jan 03, 2014 8:44 am

Hi, guys~

I've been using TLS forum for a while, searching for valuable advices on law school application~

But this is my first post here :)

I ususlly PT between 168~172 but only got 164 on my December LSAT. I suppose it's because I got overly nervous on the test date. Also, since I'm an international applicant(Asian), my GPA is evaluated by LSAC as "Above Average".

My ideal school is NYU, and i'm actually aiming at the 2014 cycle. I know it's impossible to get enrolled to NYU with such a score. lol

My questions are as follows:
1. Will it be possible for me to send my application materials to NYU in January, and then to retake the Feburary LSAT and send the score (if it's better than 164) to NYU after their application deadline (mid Feb)?

2. What are my chances of getting into Northwestern, Berkeley, Georgetown, UCLA, USC if apply this cycle?
(my softs: worked as a transactional lawyer in my country for two years, involved mainly in cross-border private equity and capital market deals; worked for NGO during undergra)

3. I'm also considering applying for next cycle, but the thing is, I'm a female and gonna be 25 this year. Will that be too old to attend a law scool and start over a legal career?(As I understand, most applicants are 22~23)

Many Thanks!

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Re: LSAT 164/GPA_ above average, need advice lol

Postby a.sleepyhead » Wed Jan 15, 2014 2:31 am

If you really think you can outperform a 164, it seems like it would be worth it to retake and wait. You should be able to check your odds on LSN. Also, there are tons of people on TLS who are >25, I wouldn't worry about waiting a year, especially if it means you can get into a better school or get $$$

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